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The voice of customer designed to match and grow with your brand.

Created specifically for large organizations such as yours, hexia grows with your business.
Helping you measure and optimize the customer experience like never before.

Closed Loop Feedback

All in all, it’s the ideal way for your brand to have a direct conversation with your consumers, manage the feedback of detractors and limit their voice on social platforms, while transforming social influencers into brand ambassadors.

Open Loop Feedback

Every contact is an opportunity. With hexia, you’ll understand social media reviews and operationalize open ended feedback. Find out what’s behind your star rating. And pro-actively transform those social findings into positive customer experiences.

Take the guesswork out of CX

Continuously improve your customer experience by staying continuously in touch with your clients — no matter where they are.

Voice of Customer

Say hello to great customer insights by listening to and understanding where they’re coming from. Find out their likes and dislikes. And learn to ask the right questions at the right time in their customer journey.


Social Listening

Take social media reviews and transform them into proactively designed products and services. And do it by understanding online rating and review sites like google and facebook — as well as leveraging hexia’s AI and NLP functionality to understand what’s driving your rating stars.


hexia connect

With the touch of a phone, it’s all there. And it’s the most acute and seamless way to measure how your customers experience your brand. From gaining a better understanding of customers who visit but don’t make purchases to better understanding specific departments in the customer journey. Even find out how customers are feeling while standing in line. Add it all up. hexia Connect is the closest thing to talking to your customers while they’re still in store or onsite.



Turn things up. Improve your ratings by identifying promoters, potential ambassadors and your happiest customers and giving them access to your social platforms.


Web Intercept

You have questions. And we’ll help you find the answers to all kinds of topics. What your customers think of your digital channels. How easy it is to find your product and information. If your brand experience is consistent with other channels. Do your customers follow through. And most of all if your brand and consumer needs are totally aligned.


Post Purchase Survey

Get to know your customer behaviour even when they’re not in-store with email surveys highlighting the post-purchase and/or post-delivery experience. Find out which part of the purchase journey they love and what they would love to see improvement upon.


AI and NLP based analytics

Find out where you should invest your time and money and where to make adjustments. Do it through actionable insights gained already interpreted and provided to you in plain language. Don’t try to decipher pie charts and bar graphs. Just read what’s in from of you. It’s actionable.


Real time alerts and notifications

Manage detractors in real time right on your mobile device. Make course corrections instantly, and create greater brand loyalty.


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